Freitag, 25. April 2008

To my dearest friend Nina

I was looking for a letter from my former penfriend in France and did not find it....

But I found YOUR first letter to my penfriend Monika from Finland who forwarded it to me!!! I am not quite sure, the stamps are not clear any longer, but it might read 1993!! In February 1994 I received the first letter directly from you - so we know each other for more than 14 years now!

This is so great, such a wonderful friendship and I want to thank you for this long time of love, reliance and always being YOU!

In one letter there were some photos you took while my summer holidays in Slovenia in 1996. The arboretum in - where was it? - Ah, found it: "Das Arboretum Volčji Potok ist der meist besuchte Park in Slowenien."

Do you remember the "naked man" made of plaster or gypsum? What a great laugh we had....

That was my first visit in Slovenia - summer 1996. And I returned in February 2001 together with my friend (and now husband) for your wedding - we had a wonderful time then! I felt so honoured to be invited to your wedding, my dear friend!

And I do hope so much that everything will work out for November 2008!!!! I keep my fingers crossed that we can see each other in Germany - meeting in Berlin and maybe you can come and see us here in our place!!!

Thanks a lot for your letter, arrived her just yesterday - wow, 4 pages - like in our best times!!!

Love & a big hug
from your friend

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Ninčula hat gesagt…

I remember you were helping me with the big painting of our Universe at our University - which still stands by the way. I also took you to Postojna cave - and you should come again now with the family, so we can all go together. I want Erik to see it as well and maybe I'll find time with you.
November Berlin? Yes, I hope too. Lets hope for the best.
Love ffom Nina